Doña Patricia June Leslie Trehern

Biofuneral comunica el sensible fallecimiento de doña Patricia June Leslie Trehern.

El velatorio de nuestra querida Patricia Leslie Trehern será mañana sábado 28 en la Iglesia Anglicana de calle Holanda 151, Providencia. Estaremos de 10 a 12 horas y de 16 a 19 horas. Habrá un Responso, en la Iglesia a las 17:30.

Sus Funerales se realizarán el Domingo 29 a las 14 horas.

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  1. My dear sister, finally you get to rest in peace.
    I have loads of fond memories of you that I will cherish and share with my friends and family.
    But the greatest gifts you’ve left behind, are your daughter and your Son, I love them both fiercely and I have a huge admiration for their dedication and love they gave you over the last year.
    Santiago It’s not going to be the same without you, I’ll miss you and your delicious pastel de Choclo.
    Rest in peace, reunited with your family and friends you’ve not been able to see.
    Big hugs to Erwin, Irene and their family who’ve lost a Mum and a Granny xxxxx

  2. Dearest Family
    I am writing in English as it is the first language that came to my mind. I’ll stick to it. I always talked to Patricia in English when we were on our own, so this maybe the case. A flood of memories has come to my mind these last few days. I realized that I had always heard about Patricia when I was a child, had seen photos of her as a child and one photo of her, in particular of her in Germany that came by post (I think standing next to a car, how typically of our Leslie Chilian cousins ja ja ja), I must have been 11 or 12, and it was difficult to understand that I had a cousin older than myself living so far away. In fact, I met her brothers and had met Erwin and Irene on a trip to Frutillar before I met my cousin Patricia !!! That was the time Erwin was in hospital up the hill from the house with typhus. The day finally came in which we met in BA and it was strange and beautiful to see her affection for mother after so many years. I had already heard the story of Mum taking care of her and Brian and Robert. But to see that affection there and then, and being able to appreciate it as I was older, made me feel she was like and older sister somehow. Every time she was in town and sometime it was at very short notice we had fun going out for dinner and drinks. Always taking a lot of interest in what I was doing. She has always been close to us in the good and the bad. Coming over for weddings and coming over when Dad was ill, and soon after also to his funeral, she was present always, never in the way or imposing her persona, she was there to support us, allowing us to hold onto her arm. She would call me and ask how Mum was and if we needed her to come over, to let her know. She will be missed, but we are at peace to know she left us beautifully in peace, surrounded by affection and acknowledging a life well lived. Fly high dear Patricia.

  3. Dear family, I wish I could be there with you to accompany you on such a sad occasion. Patricia was a wonderful person and I think every single person that had the pleasure of meeting her would feel the same grief at her passing. I will always remember her with great love, and I think the great job she did as a mother is present in both of her children. To all the family in Chile saludos and abrazos from Buenos Aires.


  4. Dear Aunty Patricia.
    Thinking of the good life she lived and the great times we’ve shared in Chile in santiago when i went to study there and going to stay with her every weekend And here in NZ when she came to visit us and i am soo grateful for that. What a beautiful person and she will always be in my heart ❤

    Sorry for not being there in person, but i know we have an angel looking out for us now.
    Rest in Peace Love you forever.

    Michelle Leslie & Family ❤❤❤

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